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Unravelling behaviours to solve your challenges.

Overcoming problems and making progress relies on understanding how people think and what they need in order to take action. We take the guesswork out of it.

We do this by our creative behaviour change model based on the Creatures of Habit®. Once you can determine the typical thinking patterns that underly all decisions, you can reverse-engineer them to influence and change the way people think and act.

How it works - the steps in our behaviour change approach.

Behaviour Change Identify

Define the challenge

What are you looking to achieve? Define the challenge, exploring all angles and objectives to ensure you’re solving the right challenge.

Behaviour Change Switch

Identify behaviours

Which decisions and behaviours are involved currently? Where do the Creatures of Habit factor the most?

Behaviour Change Spark

Devise interventions

Once behaviours are understood, what interventions are most relevant (see below for the range of interventions)?

Behaviour Change Result

Implement solutions

Which actions will have the greatest effect? How can they be implemented via strategic and creative methods?

Behaviour change toolkit

Learn how to read minds, influence decisions and change behaviours with the free Creatures of Habit Behaviour Change Toolkit.

Behaviour change interventions we use

  1. Influencing Taking the lead from those they observe and listen to
  2. Educating Delivering awareness and realisations that change attitudes
  3. Incentivising Providing intrinsic or extrinsic rewards to motivate
  4. Guiding Making actions clear and cutting any ambiguity
  5. Visualising Ensuring instructions can’t be missed
  6. Reframing Generating new perspectives to alter priorities
  7. Enforcing Policies and restrictions to make existing behaviours harder
  8. Reminding Keeping front of mind to prevent old habits slipping back
  9. Enabling Providing resources to make actions more possible

Here are some of the folks we've worked with...

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