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Where science meets creativity

Creative Encounters is run by Simon Jack, MSc, who originally started out as a scientist. The influences of ecology, evolution and behaviour have helped shape a unique approach to creativity, focusing on what really makes people tick.

The key is to look deeper and understand what makes people want to change and what holds them back. This is the quickest route to creativity.

Science Meets Creativity

Meet Simon Jack

Jack by name, Jack by nature. Simon's specialisms are a mixed bag of creative development, business strategy, marketing strategy, communications and design. A Jack of all trades has some major advantages where creativity is concerned; the more varied the knowledge and experience, the more dots to connect. It's no secret that diversity fuels creativity.

Simon has developed a huge interest in the way people work. This was ignited from a previously feeling frustrated with not being able to work to his full creative potential. Frustration fuels creativity and this inspired the development of a quicker, practical and logical way to help others achieve their best.

The result is the Creatures of Habit. By really getting to the core of what people think and believe, they will be able to make a positive change far more easily without slipping back into old ways.

Quite simply, ordinary doesn't cut it.

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