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Meet the Team

Get to know the unique and talented individuals behind Creative Encounters.

Simon Pic Copy 2

Simon Jack

Prepare to look beyond the obvious, embrace the impossible and explore the questions no-one’s dared to ask. As a creative development specialist, Simon’s out to challenge the way you think and place innovation firmly within your grasp. With the right mix of skills, attitudes and inspiration, creativity will become a habit you won’t ever want to give up.

He’s a great believer in finding the marvellous in the mundane and stumbling upon inspiration in unlikely places. His best thinking is done when out running, in the shower or in the pub - quite often in that very order.

Before going maverick, Simon consulted on strategy and change management for a wide range of the UK’s most prominent businesses. He takes a very purpose-driven and human-centric approach to creativity.

Natalia Pic

Natalia draws stories. But not just any stories... With the use of visual metaphors, she helps to break down complicated and challenging messages and translates them into simple and meaningful key snapshots that everyone gets. With her years of experience and a strong clientele, including Google, Twitter, Lloyds Bank, Skanska, Deloitte, Asda, Talk Talk and more, she will make sure that your project gets the outcome you’ve been looking for. She believes that If poor communication is at the heart of most business problems, it makes sense to use a language everyone can understand – pictures.

Marty Pic

Martin Lucas

Martin (Marty) joins Creative Encounters as a creative sales training specialist. Marty has a rare gift for being able to 'get people', understand what makes them tick and empower them to achieve the results they are tasked with. The difference between a good sales or marketing person and a great one is their ability to think beyond the process and find alternative ways of delighting customers. This essence is exactly what Marty will deliver in highly interactive, memorable and actionable workshops.