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Who is the world’s greatest ever innovator?
Mother Nature of course.

Nature has been innovating for billions of years and has mastered the ability to solve the most complex problems the world has thrown at it. You too can harness the most innovative force on Earth.

Nature is a simple yet powerful metaphor to understand and remember the creative process. It provides a framework in which to think differently, design creative solutions, and solve any type of problem.

Innovation From Nature 01

Unleashing Natural Born Innovators™

Evolution and natural selection provide the perfect metaphor through which to understand and learn inventive problem solving and creative design.

Nature Innovation Process Necessity

Step 1 - Necessity

Change is constant. The environment in which you operate will always evolve. The people you are competing will always become fiercer. Without the ability to adapt, your product, service, or business can soon become on the edge of extinction.

The first step is to be aware. What problem you are attempting to solve and for whom are you creating an opportunity?

Nature Innovation Process Mutation

Step 2 - Mutation

Nature is constantly inventing and reinventing via the process of genetic mutation. Ideas are your own DNA for growing and evolving a business.

Genetic mutations are Nature’s way of experimenting with new adaptations and features. There is no judgement at this stage, it’s about being open and seeing what you can come up with. The biggest correlation of the quality of ideas is the quantity of ideas. Nature doesn’t stop looking. Neither should you.

Nature Innovation Process Selection

Step 3 - Selection

It’s the survival of the fittest. Not all ideas are going to be survivors. But you don’t know until you send them out into the wild. For Nature it’s a case of pure trial and error but you can begin to evaluate your ideas against the conditions you know exist.

Your selection process can be shaped through greater intelligence around what is best suited to the environment and challenges faced.

Nature Innovation Process Reproduction

Step 4 - Reproduction

Nature doesn’t measure success just on the new adaptation itself but whether it has the ability to live on. Similarly, your solutions have to be desired in the real world or you need to create the conditions that will change perceptions and behaviour.

We can have what seem to be the best ideas but if they are not desired or executed correctly, they will never see the light of day.

Apply this method: Example team workshop


We start by exploring and redefining the challenge until you find an angle that gets to the real route of the challenge. Understanding the human needs, motivations and frustrations is essential here.


We will generate many ideas using creative techniques without stopping to judge them. A particular focus will be on utilising innovative animal adaptions as metaphorical springboards to create a connection with the challenge and inspire new ways of thinking beyond the existing frame of reference.


Now we begin to hone ideas based upon multiple criteria, previous experience and pure gut feeling. This will inform the survival of the fittest- a priorty list that is born out of harmony between creative and critical thinking.


The winning solutions will now be honed through a series of iterations whereby, positives are extracted, risks are removed and benefits emphasised. This will culminate in a mock-up/prototype of the solution, which makes it more tangible and brings a new level of connected thought.

We also option to have your workshop recorded visually. Capture and create a shared memory of your workshop, which can re-jog the aha moments and reinforce positive actions.

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Who is this suitable for?

This workshop provides essential design thinking skills for anyone with a responsibility to change, improve and innovate in the way they work.

A workshop session can be tailored for your group to last from 2 hours to a whole day.

We can also develop structured innovation sessions focused on developing and implementing practical creative solutions for your organisation.

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