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Dramatically improve creative thinking capabilities

Meet the Creatures of Habit™ that need to be conquered if you are to become a more effective and creative thinker.

It takes the right combination of attitude and technique as well as sustained action to make new, progressive habits second nature. You are going to learn how to achieve this with some very unique and effective training.

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Ever felt stuck and lacking inspiration?Perhaps you’ve had a case of the famous ‘not seeing the wood for the trees’? This is Routine in action.

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Have you felt that you could achieve a better result but should stick with what is expected in case it doesn’t go down well? This is Follower’s influence.

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Are you pleased when you quickly come up with a solution and then become less inclined to seek alternatives? This is Obvious stifling your imagination.

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Often get moments where you feel deep down something could be better but instead you just knuckle down and get on with it? That’s Obedience taking control.

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How do you feel when someone suggests your way of doing things needs to change or your existing ideas are not good enough? It can be pretty deflating. Protection is out to avoid these feelings.

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Ever found yourself holding back a question or idea because you are worried it could get shot down? Does creativity sometimes seem daunting? This is Judgement at work.

Click to open the Creatures of Habit Field Guide to get more familiar with the limiting thinking habits that occupy your mind (and how to defeat them).

Beware - there's one mystery habit to discover that can be more damaging than them all.

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Why Habits?

Habits are the greatest controlling force over our behaviour and actions. If limiting creative thinking habits are not conquered, new practices will be ineffective. The good news is these Creatures of Habit™ can be overcome.

Creative Encounters has developed a scientific approach to imparting new habit-based thinking: The trigger to realise the need for change; the motivation for achieving the desirable results; and the rewards of creative effort that reinforce the new behaviour.



Each of the Creatures of Habit™ is introduced in a way that individuals can begin to identify with the thinking patterns that can limit their own potential. This is done through stories, examples and interactive tasks.



Involving and fun group games demonstrate the creative thinking techniques required to dislodge the hold of the bad habits. This is where people will see the positive outcome of their creative thinking training.



The group splits into teams to work on an example challenge and put their new skills into practice and to achieve a creative result. Each team presents back the outcome of their inventiveness and prizes are awarded for demonstrating admirable creative effort.

Impart creative thinking habits at your organisation or event in a wonderfully immersive and interactive way. We thrive on running creative workshops that are different, memorable and jolly good fun!

What participants say

“Thinking out side the box- this was really interesting”

"Simon made the session truly valuable andthe outcome was remarkable"

“Simon was really engaging and interesting”

"The programme was awe inspiring and has taught me how to visualize any concept"

"Why can’t problem solving be a fun, creative experience, when did we become adults and forget to look at the colourful and imaginative parts of our brains? Simon reminded us creative thinking is often not about the way you have always done things but the best way that you can move forward!"

"Best training I’ve had- thought the tutor was really good”

Who is this suitable for?

This creative workshop provides essential creative skills for leaders and change agents alike. A session can be tailored for your group to last from 2 hours to a whole day.

We can also develop training programmes focused on developing and implementing practical creative thinking habits to suit the way in which your organisation works.

Ready to achieve your creative ambition?

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